No. of Bags

Flair® Saddles – Testing and No. of Bags

Flair® was developed over a 6-year period involving Saddlers, Veterinarians, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Riders. It was initially developed to find a quicker and more precise means of fitting a saddle but in the trials other benefits appeared.

Flair® underwent 4 years of rider trials – In this period it was used by riders in disciplines such as Hunting, 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Endurance and general hacking.

Whilst being on rider trial Flair® was tested severely on accelerated test rigs to ensure the durability of the product and computer pressure analysis equipment to refine the design.

Very important…

Flair® is a system of four sealed air bags because…


noofba2Four air bags is the easiest to adjust

Flair® links the front pair of air bags together and also the back pair air bags during the fitting process. The air can move between the left and right fronts and left and right backs so that the saddle settles squarely on the horses back. In this way Flair® automatically takes up asymmetry in the horses back.



Four sealed air bags provides the most stability…

noofba3Once the saddle is balanced the system is sealed using dummy valves so when the saddle fitting is complete the saddle has four individual sealed air bags. If the air bags were not  sealed the air would move when the saddle is being ridden on. This will cause lateral instability and allow the saddle to move to one side, which we know is dangerous, especially in jumping saddles!

More than four air bags cannot follow the horses movements

Flair® uses four air bags because we have proved that anymore than four air bags causes the saddle to move.

2 Air Bags does not work!!When only two air bags are used (one in each side) in a saddle it will rock forwards and backwards the as if you were riding on an air bed!

Flair® uses Four Air Bags

As the horse rounds its’ back the air can move from the center of the saddle to the back and front and allow freedom for the back to work

6 Air Bags does not work!!

When the horse rounds its’ back the air in the center bag is trapped in the center of the saddle with no where to go!  So the saddle “rides off the middle”.   In time, this will cause soreness and the horses back will become tight.