Rider Position

Flair® Saddles – Rider Balance

Rider_Position_AnimationThe position of the rider is crucial to the horses way of going but the riders position is totally influenced by the balance of the saddle. An unbalanced saddle can it difficult for the rider to sit correctly. Legs not on the horse or swinging, hunched or leaning back and discomfort in the lower back are all signs of a saddle being unbalanced.

Using Flair® the saddle can be infinitely adjusted so it can support the rider in the correct position whilst at the same time adapt and mould to the horses shape.

By measuring the height of the cantle from the horses back it’s been proved that a difference of 6mm (1/4″) up or down from the saddle’s correct position can make the rider feel tipped forwards or backwards with the resulting effect on their leg position.

In particular, the dressage rider requires a perfectly balanced saddle, so such minor adjustments can make all the difference to both the horse and riders performance.


A horse at stand relaxes the back. With a correctly working horse the back should round. This will lift the saddle and tip the rider more on to the forehand. So why do we look at a saddle’s balance on a static horse? The answer is the saddler had no other choice.


With Flair® the saddler can adjust the saddle whilst the rider is mounted & the horse walking engaged and rounded. In this way we can easily find the perfect balance, support and position for the rider. A happy, relaxed rider makes a happy relaxed horse.