Flair Converts

Flair® Saddles – Converts

rich_cutRichard Davison, 
British No. 1 Dressage Rider
“A loose and swinging back is the essence of good training and successful dressage.  Only a horse who is comfortable can move with athletic flexibility.  I believe the Flair system is an exciting and new step towards achieving this comfort for both horse and rider.”


marywhiteMary King & Star Appeal 
Winner of The Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trial 2000 using Flair in all phases!!!
“Star Appeal is definitely moving better, more loose and free than he has ever done before and we flew over the jumps with Flair!”
“For myself, the greatest advantage of the Flair system is that I am able to use the same saddle on various horses with the knowledge that the saddle will mould to their differing backs without discomfort, unlike my conventional saddles. The nice thing is the saddles do not look or feel different to ride.”


Gary Parsonage, International Three Day Eventer
“My horses have benefited from a consistent advantage over other competition horses thanks to the Flair system.”

carrotGraham Hartley “Carrot” 
Peoples comments on Moonie….”What have you done to that horse?”  “What have you changed?” etc etc.  After the 60 mile race ride win at Cirencester we won Best Condition, all down to Flair!  Thank you.

Kay Hastilow SMS, Master Saddler & SMS Saddle Fitting Instructor
“I have been involved in the development of the product for 3 years. I have used Flair on my own horses and on some of my customers horses, who I would have otherwise had great difficulty in fitting saddles too. In all cases the results have been excellent.”

Chris Caden-Parker MSc.,M.F.Phys.,AIPTI, Equine Physiotherapist
“Having used Flair for 2 years, it’s my opinion, that the system allows the horse to move naturally beneath the rider so enhancing correct muscle development.”

Elizabeth Driver, BHS Eventer
“I compete my horse at novice level BHS eventing and She has been criticised for being tight backed, not working through & stiff behind. Flair produced an instant change, she gained immediate freedom of movement, lengthening as never before & jumping with a rhythm and balance that was unrecognizable! I will never ride in a conventional flocked saddle again – the difference is amazing!”