Headplate Width

Interchangable Headplates

WOW’s Flexi-Head™ gives you the biggest range of width fittings, in the same tree, which far exceeds any other saddle available today.

WOW™ tree has been proven to fit both the very highest withered horse to the very widest cold blood horse with just the change of a headplate.  However, if doing this it is likely that one may require a different panel.

Most saddle manufacturers will only supply trees with angles from 80 degrees (narrow) to 110 degrees (extra wide).

WOW™ offers a range of 73 to 143 degrees!  And now we have 3 different types of headplate we call “V”, “U” and “UU”styles, shown below and they all fit in the same tree!

The most commonly used are the “U” headplates which are available in 11 different sizes from 73 – 143 degrees.  The difference between each size is 7 degrees.

The “V” style are available in only three sizes 73, 80 and 87 degrees.  These are for horses with very narrow spinal processes and very little shoulder (rarely used).

The “UU” style are available in 5 sizes 73, 80, 87, 94 and 101.  These are for horses with exceptionally wide spinal processes and musculature.

Changing the headplate is incredibly easy because the WOW™ tree has the ability to easily form around whatever headplate shape we put in it.  Just remove the two 6mm bolts, swap the headplate and replace the bolts.

Our narrowest fit is narrower than most manufactures and our widest fit is the equivalent of an 8X wide!


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