The Classique Range

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The Classique range of saddles offers your horse the chance to enjoy many of the benefits of a WOW Saddle, yet with traditional wool flocking and at a fraction of the cost. Available in Dressage and Jumping & GP styles, in black or brown leather, sizes 16”, 17” and 18”.

The saddles come with either Tabbed or No Tabbed panels with a wide gullet only.  The panels are not interchangeable and smaller panels cannot be put on larger seats as with the WOW competitor and Edge ranges.

The jumping and GP saddles use a short military girthing system which allows the girthing angle to be changed for different horses when the girth groove has moved.  This can be changed to long military system with dressage length of straps.  We prefer the longer girth straps as it provides greater stability and adjustment but this does not suit every rider hence the choice.

Classique Jumping

The Classique Jumping has a flat seat with square a cantle and does not have such a big cut back head as with all the other WOW saddles.  The seat is designed to allow for a more forward position favoured by show jumpers.  The knee rolls are really supportive and comfortable and there is a small thigh velcro block for added security.

Classique Dressage

The Classique Dressage has a two piece blister block design which is really soft on the riders side for the leg and firm and positively supportive at the front of the flap.  The blocks ability to mould means it is suitable for many different riders.  The seat profile on this saddle is extra deep.

Classique GP

The Classique GP has a deep seat with a round cantle and does have a big cut back head as with all the other WOW saddles.  The seat is suitable for both jumping and dressage disciplines.  The knee rolls have a velcro block for added security.